Dredging/ Self Propelled Pontoon

This Method is basically a floating pontoon or sometimes a self-pontoon ( mounted with long arm excavator ). The purpose of a barge is to assist in the disposal of the dredged materials from the dredging areas to the dumping site. The dredged material is loaded by the Amphibious Excavator on the barges. This pontoon shall move by itself by using its own arm.

Submersible Dredge Pump attached on Amphibious Excavator/ Standard Excavator

We provide Submersible Dredge Pump, which is modified equipment that can be attached to Amphibious Excavator/ Standard Excavator for land and water excavation purposes.

It is suitable to be used among the following terrains and job scope:-

  • Marinas, harbor, dock loading facilities etc
  • Clean out containment/ sludge collection ponds
  • Beaches, river, lake reclamation and canal clean out.
  • De-silting of water intakes
  • Emergency dump pond
  • Ash decant sump
  • Fly ash collection sump
  • Ash and waste collection pit
  • Scrubber sludge transfer
  • Lime collection pit
  • Coal wash-down sumps