Amphibious Excavator

The Amphibious Excavator is a highly specialized and innovative equipment. The machine is designed to allow for the use in both swamp & water territories. This is achieved by the addition of “Long Reach and Boom Package” to the main excavating machine to equip amphibious capabilities. We also have our in-house expertise, trained in relevant specialization to assist our customers in carrying out such excavation works where conventional off the shelf solutions fail to deliver.

An Amphibious Excavator may be used in the following ways:-

  • Maintaining and clearing water ways, lakes, shoreline, pond and etc.
  • Erosion control and prevention
  • Deepening of water ways and river delta
  • Maintaining and repairing natural environment
  • Landscape building and protection
  • Accessing difficult strands from water /soft terrain
  • Swamps and wetlands construction
  • Road building through wetlands

Optional/ Accessory Items

  • Spuds attached to pontoons to overcome buoyancy/ floatability of the Amphibious Excavators
  • Operational spud which enables Amphibious Excavator to operate in water depth of up to 4 meters.
  • Floating tanks can be added on each side of the pontoons to provide extra stability to the Amphibious Excavators.