Long Reach Excavator

Our Long Reach Excavator is capable of achieving additional 50% digging depth and forward reach over a standard boom, saving our customers invaluable cost and time, and maximizing productivity.

It is an ideal solution for the following examples

  • River and sea dredging on land or barge
  • Pond excavation and maintenance
  • Terrain deepening and foundation excavation
  • Drainage construction
  • Distant digging

Rental and Lease Of Heavy Equipment


AMP Dredging is specialized in the rental and leasing of various types of heavy equipment. We provide equipment rental service by maintaining the average age of our rental equipment at not more than 10 years and we are able to keep up with the demands of the industries. Besides that, we impose strict quality control over our rental equipment to provide the most satisfactory rental and leasing service to our customers.


  • Operator We provide skilled and experienced operator as an option for our customers.
  • Rates and Price Quotations Rates and prices vary depending on the time, quantity and rental/ lease periods as with all businesses. All rates and prices may vary depending on day to day quotations and also on the rent/ lease period, yet, are verified at the time of rent or lease. However, prices recorded on the rental agreement at time of rent/ lease are final and binding.
  • Heavy Equipment Types and Classes Our company offers several of quality renowned brands to provide rental for our valued customer.